The numbers you have entered in various places in LibCentral (detailed below) are not converted when there is a change in currency, so you will need to check anywhere you have set a limit. The number in the field will stay the same upon currency conversion, however, this may mean it no longer works as intended. For example, if you entered $50 USD this will not be converted to the equivalent in the new currency. If you change currency to CAD, this will become $50 CAD.

Following are the settings that you will need to check:
  1. Price limits in Access Permissions Settings: The numbers you have entered as price limits are not converted when there is a change in currency, so you will need to check any price limits you have saved in your Access Permissions settings for Extended Access and/or DDA, and update as needed. Price limits can be set in the following areas:
    1. Settings>Access Permissions >Owned Tab: Extended Access: If you have “Automate STL/Purchase” selected for Non-Linear Expired Loan Days and/or 3-user/1-user Turnaway handling, there are three price limits that you can set: STL Price Limit, Upgrade Price Limit, and Autopurchase Price Limit
      Price limit settings for STL, Upgrade, and Purchase Automatically under Extended Access Settings​​​​​
    2. Settings>Access Permissions >DDA Tab:
      1. STL Price Limit
        STL Price Limit setting on DDA tab under Default Access Type​​​​​
      2. Autopurchase Price Limit
        Autopurchase Price Limit under DDA Settings
      3. STL Price Threshold: Autopurchase price limit
        Autopurchase price limit under STL price threshold settings in DDA settings
      4. ATO Loan Price Limit
        ATO Loan Price Limit on DDA tab (if ATO is enabled)
  2. Price limits in DDA Profiles: The numbers entered as price limits are not converted when there is a change in currency, so please check your DDA profile settings and submit a profile change request if you have a price limit that needs to be updated. Profile filters can be viewed under Collections>Profiles. If your profile settings are not visible in LibCentral, contact your Books Customer Success Manager.
    An example of profile filters in LibCentral
  3. Budget Tracker or DDA Budget Tracker: The numbers entered as budget amounts, remaining balance, and alert amounts are not converted when there is a change in currency. We recommend clearing and restarting any Budget Trackers or DDA Budget Trackers when currency is updated.
    1. DDA Budget Tracker - Under Settings > DDA Budget Tracker, select "Reset" and then add the new budget amount 
      The Reset option for the DDA Budget Tracker is in the rightmost column on the DDA Budget Tracker page
    2. Budget Tracker - Under Settings > Budget Tracker, either convert your budget amount and edit the tracker to enter the new value, or delete and create a new tracker
      Edit and Delete options are all the way to the right next to the listing of budget trackers