Viewing Chinese or Japanese languages

How can I view Chinese or Japanese languages in using Internet Explorer? allows users to search in Chinese and Japanese languages. In order to view and search in Chinese or Japanese languages, you may need to load both Language Support and Input Editor software for the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.

From the Internet Explorer top command bar, select Tools, then Windows Update.

You can use the search box in the upper right corner of the Windows Update screen to locate language packs and Input Method Editors (IME) for download. Type in language pack or global IME, then click the Go button. Scroll down the list of results to find the link to the software you need for your language selection and your version of Windows.


Language Pack: Installs language support files to your computer.

Input Method Editor (IME): Software that allows each key on a keyboard to represent multiple characters in East Asian languages. For a more indepth explanation, please see the following help article from Microsoft:

Important Note: The above link is to a public web page, and it is subject to change.

How to use language support:

  • Click the Windows Start button, select Settings, and then click Control Panel
  • Select Internet Options, then click the Languages button at the bottom under the General tab. Click Change, and then Add to select the language(s)you installed. Note: You can switch to another language at anytime.


If an Internet Explorer browser is running it will automatically close and restart the language you installed. If this does not occur, shut down the browser, then reopen the browser and you will be able to use the languages you selected.

Important: Remember to add these languages to your Content Language selections in your preferences in  Please click here if you require instructions on adding content languages and changing preferences.