Accessing Factiva content with OpenURLs

Accessing Factiva content with OpenURLs

The platform is OpenURL target and source compatible with the San Antonio profile level 1 (SAP1). We support the following OpenURL versions and syntaxes: 0.1 version, 1.0 trial version, and 1.0 balloted version.

The OpenURL parameter set is comprehensive and includes many parameters from a variety of metadata formats that are not relevant to Factiva content. Therefore, the Factiva OpenURL interface supports a subset of the list of OpenURL parameters that are relevant to Factiva content and that Factiva can process with accuracy. These parameters are outlined in the following table.

Please Note:
    * Any parameters sent to Factiva that are not on this list (and are not otherwise used as part of the Factiva Direct URL authentication process) will be ignored.

    * If you need to specify OpenURL parameters that Factiva doesn’t support, please contact Technical Support with the appropriate information. They will investigate the possibility of supporting such parameters in future releases of its OpenURL capability.


Parameter Description
atitle Article headline or chapter title
au Author (full name)
aucorp Author (corporation)
aufirst Author (first name)
auinit Author (first and middle initials)
auinit1 Author (first initial)
auinitm Author (middle initial)
aulast Author (last name)
ausuffix Author (name suffix)
co Country of publication (text string)
contributor Contributor (author)
creator Creator (author)
date Publication date
edition Edition specification
epage Page number (end)
issn International Standard Serials Number (ISSN)
issue Issue specification
jtitle Title (source name)
language Language
pages Page numbers (start and end)
pub Publisher name
publisher Publisher name
series Series title
spage Page number (start)
title Title (source name)
volume Volume specification


The following example is of an OpenURL request for an article stored with the following information (in Factiva fields):

Headline(HD): The Future of SQL Server Ted Kummert Looks Ahead
Byline(BY): Sheila Molnar Michael Otey
Volume(VOL): Volume 12; Number 11
Page(PG): 12
Date (PD): 1 Novemeber 2010

A typical OpenURL request for this article could be sent to Factiva as follows:

In this request, the following OpenURL parameters are provided:


aulast: Otey
atitle: The+Future+of+SQL+Server+Ted+Kummert+Looks+Ahead
volume: 12
issue: 11
date: 2010-11-01
spage: 12