What is SmartNavigation?

What is SmartNavigation?
Our proprietary software processes newspaper files as they arrive from the publishers and intelligently recognizes images and articles. These files are then presented to readers in an interactive format, allowing readers even greater functionality from their selected publication. Coupled with the existing digital tools, SmartNavigation provides readers with advanced digital tools such as:
  • Table of Contents
    A table of contents will appear on the upper right hand side of the page. By simply moving your cursor over "A1 Front Page" a complete list of articles, by section, will appear. For fast linking to a specific article simply, select the article and you will automatically be directed to that article.
  • Article Text View
    Each article is recognized as a unique object within the newspaper. This means that by simply selecting the title of any given article, a plain text view will appear. This makes copying and pasting articles very efficient.
  • Article Jumps
    If an article is divided into more than one page, simply click on the "See Article Y, Page X" and you will be immediately brought to the remainder of the article.
  • Instant Translation
    When an article is in a text view, readers have the option to translate the text into one of several major foreign languages. Simply select the desired translation language from the drop down menu. NewspaperDirect's translation feature provides a general interpretation of an article's content, but does not represent an exact translation. Please note that NewspaperDirect is not liable for the accuracy of any translation as all text are automatically translated without manual verification of correctness.