The new Authorize Orders page for ratifiers removes the split screen and is very similar to the Express Checkout that was released last year. (Launched July 2020)

Authorize Orders Changes

Below is an illustration of the new Authorize Orders screen with many of the new features highlighted.  Everything that was available before is still available, although it will now be in a different place. For larger screenshots, there is a Word document attached at the end.
Authorize Orders page

When clicking on a title, you see the following screen.
Title Details overlay

The location of many of the more popular options are below:

See Inside the Book.
The See inside the book link from the previous version of OASIS.
See Inside the book link in browse row

has been replaced by an eyeball
Eyeball icon on jacket image

Title Tab
To access the highlighted tabs that were on the split screen:
Split Screen tabs

Click on the title of the book.  A new window will open with the tabs.
Title Details Link
To Add to a list or the shopping cart
On the previous version of OASIS you needed to select the title and then press List/Forward.
List and Forward

On the new version use the Add to button to add to a shopping cart, add to an existing list or create a new list.

Add to

To Forward Items to a Colleague
Click on Suggest to Colleague and a list of OASIS users will appear.  Select the user to have the book(s) appear in their inbox.

Reject Request

In the previous version of OASIS you used to see Reject Request.
Reject Request

In the new version we have restored the old Remove (without rejection) and Remove and Reject functionality.
Remove and Reject

Both actions move a title to the recycle bin.  For the remove option the check status says in your recycling bin.  For the remove and reject option, the check status says Rejected by name Date.
Recycle Bin

To Download a Marc file or Excel spreadsheet
On the previous version of OASIS, to download a Marc record but not order the books you clicked on Download
Download MARC or Excel (old)

To download your selections as an Excel spreadsheet you need to click on the Excel download icon. 
Excel old

On the new version of OASIS both these options are under the Download button.
Download both (new)

Availability Information
In the previous version of OASIS this was in the browse row.

In the new version, this information is underneath the format drop down menu.
New Statuses

Ebook Information
On the previous version of OASIS, download, online and DDA information was stored on the browse row.
Old Browse Row ebook info

On the new version there is an icon for each piece of information below the format field.
User-added image

Download available icon Ebook download is available
Online access icon Ebook is available for online access icon
ATO icon Ebook is available in the Access-to-Own purchase model
DDA icon Ebook is eligible to be added to DDA
DRM free icon Ebook is available free from DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions 

Sales Information.
On the previous version of OASIS this is stored on the browse row.
Customer Demand (old)

On the new version, this can be found after clicking on the book title.
Customer Demand (new)

Worldcat and Check Local Catalogue
In the previous version these were in the title details tab.
World Cat link (old)

They can now be found on the top half of the details screen.
Worldcat Logo (new)