Personal Firewall and Workstation Security Set Up Information


Personal Firewall and Workstation Security Set Up Information.


Access to ProQuest databases is only offered through schools, universities, public libraries and not to individuals. Here are some suggested steps to follow for access.


Contact your local library or school to see if they subscribe to ProQuest databases online and if you can use the database from your home computer. If the answer is yes, then please have the library give you instructions on how to access remotely. ProQuest Technical Support and Customer Service are unable to give you this information.


If you have problems accessing ProQuest databases remotely please review the following tips to fix the problem on your home computer.


Tip #1: Your computer may be running a personal firewall such as Norton’s Internet Security, Zone Alarm (or other security software) that blocks your browser from transmitting the referring URL. Configure your personal firewall to prevent it from blocking the referrer information. To do this, some firewalls may require you to mark HeritageQuest® Online as a trusted site. If so, please click here for instructions. If you do not see your package listed, you will need to contact the vendor of the security package directly for instructions on how to configure the software to allow cookies or information about visited sites.

Tip#2  If you are using Internet Explorer version 7.0 then:
1. Go to tools and choose internet options
2. Click on the Security tab
3. Click on trusted sites and add your site's domain name and click add
4. Click ok, and log into ProQuest.


Tip# 3 If you are using a Macintosh, you will not be able to use Internet Explorer. There is a known problem with this browser.  If you are using OS 9.x, you can access ProQuest by using FireFox. If you are using OS X, you may use either FireFox or Safari to access the site.