How do I save and load my data in the ProQuest Note Organizer?

How do I save and load data in the ProQuest Note Organizer?

When using the ProQuest Note Organizer information is temporarly stored while you edit the organizer. Before navigating away from the Note Organizer you must save your work by clicking on the Save icon and completing the information requested in the dialog box.

Once this is complete you will receive an acknowledgement and can continue to use SIRS to complete your research. If you exit SIRS without Saving Your Session your Note Organizer will be lost.

When you have completed your work and want to end your SIRS session you will need to Save your Session in order to preserve your Note Organizer for later use. By hovering the mouse over the My List link you will see the option to Save Session.

You will have the option to Save or Retrieve your session. Enter your information to save and retrieve your session for later use.

Please keep your username and password as this information cannot be retrieved at a later date. To access your Note Organzier or Saved Searches, click on the Session Save link and enter your username and password. Click on the My List link and you will be directed back to your saved My List where a link to your Note Organizer will be available.