Supported Web Browsers - Factiva

Through which web browsers is supported?

As of November 2008, we are supporting* the following operating systems and browsers for use with
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Windows Vista
Internet Explorer 7+

Windows XP, Windows 2000
Internet Explorer 6+ Service Pack 1

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Server 2003
Firefox v.2.0+**

Macintosh OS X v. 10.2x+
Safari 3.0+

In response to customer demand, Factiva is joining customers in the move to a standards-based browser environment. Factiva is striving to develop products that meet the Web standards guidelines set out by W3C – The World Wide Web Consortium. Web standards are established to create the optimal user experience across all web browsers. 

The following areas of are supported in the Firefox and Safari browsers: Search 2.0 Beta, Search, Track, News Pages, Group News Pages and Companies/Markets areas.

Please Note: While Factiva supports some administrative capabilities via Firefox and Safari, the following administration features are ONLY supported through Internet Explorer 6+ on Windows:

  • Group Manager
  • Custom Client Billing
  • Account Support
  • Factiva Editor Administration
Important Notes:
    *By saying we support certain browser and operating system versions, we mean that these are browsers and operating systems that we have tested to ensure that areas of our products that are surfaced through them will function as intended.

    **Now we are also supporting the following areas of in Mozilla Firefox® 2.0+ : Factiva Search 2.0, Search, Alerts, News Pages, Group News Pages and Companies/Markets

    One of the enhancements introduced in December 2005 requires Internet Explorer 6.0 (and higher) to permit ActiveX® scripting and allow embedded objects to load. If the browser’s settings do not permit ActiveX scripting or allow safe ActiveX objects, the implementation cannot be completed. Instead, the browser will prevent the Search interface from being able to open any lists including the Factiva Intelligent Indexing categories (Source, Company, Subject, Industry, etc...).

    Currently, Factiva does not recommend access to any Factiva product via Netscape.

    The recommended browser versions may change as we test more browsers, including Netscape and Opera, and as we add access to additional areas of from standards-based browsers.

    Older versions of the Windows operating system, including 98, 98SE, ME, NT and 4.0 may still be used to access, however, full functionality is tested and optimized for newer versions of Windows.

    Firefox may be used on a Macintosh, but it is not a supported browser for the Mac operating system. We recommend that you use Safari instead.