Errors which you may encounter when using EEBO on a Macintosh system

Errors which you may encounter when using EEBO on a Macintosh system

Macintosh users who access EEBO using Internet Explorer experience difficulties from time to time when trying to download PDF documents from EEBO. The problem seems to be that this browser does not always properly handle requests to download the PDF images, and sometimes it tries to display them in the browser instead of opening them in Acrobat Reader.The result is that you see a page full of unintelligible coding.

We are sorry that there is nothing we can do to correct this, as it is really a problem in the browser. All we can do is to suggest ways to mitigate this issue:

1. Clearing your cache or deleting cookies may help the site display properly.  

2. Use a different browser, as this problem is specific of Internet Explorer. Other Macintosh supported browsers like Safari and Netscape do not present this problem.

3. If the problem occurs with large documents, at the time of downloading the document select a different page range to download. Normally, if you select a larger or smaller page range the problem can be avoided.

4. Download the pages individually.We only recommend this solution for short documents. When you find the articles in the list of results, please click on the camera icon. You will be then taken to the preview page of the images. If you click on the PDF icon at the top, you will be able to download this page in Acrobat Reader and save it to disk. You can then click on ''Next image'' to go to the following pages and repeat this process.