What are the recommended browsers and versions for the ETD Administrator tool?

You can access the ETD Administrator tool via a PC or Mac computer.

We recommend using one of the supported browsers to experience and use all of the ETD Administrator tool's newest features.

In general, the ETD Administrator tool supports the current and prior major releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari on a rolling basis.

NOTE: For the best user experience with the products, Internet Explorer 8 or higher users should disable the compatibility view feature. It should only be enabled if users are experiencing display problems - when you turn on compatibility view, the ETD Administrator tool will display as if you were using an earlier version of Internet Explorer.

ETD Administrator tool:

Best efforts will be made to implement the highest level of support we can for browsers even if they are not listed above, however some functionality may appear degraded and/or features may be unavailable. We are unable to maintain support for Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7, since those browsers only work on Windows XP and that operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft and is therefore considered unsafe.