Key features of the 'Patron Login' authentication method: 
There are three ways a patron account can be created.  (Your librarians choose whether or not to allow either or both of the first two options.)

1. If a patron is coming from an authorized IP address, they can create an account.
Login page with 'create account' button
Create Account page showing required data fields: First Name, Last Name, Email, Password

2. Patrons can request an account
User-added image
Request account page with patron data fields: First Name, Last Name, Email/Username, Password, Message to Library

3. Librarians can create logins for patrons via LibCentral, either one at a time, or by uploading a list. Librarians can also modify patron accounts (including resetting a password) or delete patron accounts regardless of how they were created.  >See More

There are many optional settings to change details of how Patron Login works, >See More