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As a result of the global pandemic, we have had to implement social distancing guidelines that have caused a delay in our printing and shipping process. After being published our current printing time is running 4-6 weeks.  We thank you for your patience as we work through our backlog. 

We know this is an inconvenience and that you are eager to receive your order. We are doing everything we can under the current circumstances to prepare and deliver your order as soon as possible. Thank you for publishing your work with ProQuest. Questions? Contact ProQuest Support.


When you submit your dissertation or thesis to ProQuest and order one or more print copies, you can generally expect to receive your order within 2–6 weeks of when your work is published and available on ProQuest. The following steps need to be completed before your work can be published:

The ETD Administrator Workflow

Enlarge and interact with the workflow on the ETD Administrator homepage

Visual depiction of the ETD workflow: 1. Submit, 2. Review, 3. Revise & Approve, 4. Deliver, 5. Publish on ProQuest

Your site administrator and the revision / approval process

The first step to publishing your work with ProQuest is submitting it to the administrator at your institution using ETD Administrator. The administrator reviews your uploaded PDF for structural problems like pages or images missing or out of order, and that it adheres to stylistic or formatting requirements—like specific page margins or line-spacing values—enforced by your institution, school, or department. Your work may require one or more rounds of revisions and re-submissions of your PDF before the administrator approves your work for delivery to ProQuest.

Delivering your work to ProQuest

Once your institutional administrator approves your submission, it’s ready for delivery to ProQuest. However, not all institutions deliver dissertations or theses according to the same schedule. Some deliver a work to ProQuest as soon as its been approved, while others observe a semester, seasonal, or quarterly-based delivery schedule—delivering, for example, all the works approved in March, April, and May on a date in June. When your submission arrives at ProQuest, it’s added to our ETD work queue. The amount of time your work sits in the queue before being reviewed is usually negligible, though June is historically our busiest month and typically brings a longer-than-average work queue.

Work ProQuest does to get your dissertation or thesis ready to publish

ETD team members at ProQuest review every PDF submission, enhancing the accompanying metadata you entered during submission for optimal discovery on ProQuest. The team will:

When that work is complete your work is published to ProQuest. If you ordered copies we send your work to our print vendor who will produce and ship your order. The print-production process will normally take 2–4 weeks.

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