You can choose to download an archival copy of a book your library owns in Ebook Central. You can download the book to a single server, remembering that the archival copy is not intended for circulation. Since each book's archival copy can only be downloaded once, we recommend that archival copies are not downloaded until a specific need arises.

In LibCentral, go to Users>Librarian Permissions. The default librarian permission for 'Can Archive Ebook' is set to 'No' , and you will need to change it to "Yes". Once you have changed and saved this setting you will need to log out and in again for the new setting to take effect. Once you're logged in to LibCentral with the updated permissions, you will see the newly appeared 'Archival Copy: Download' button on the full record page of owned books.

To download an archival copy:
-Go to the full record for an ebook in LibCentral
-Under the "Archival Copy" heading, click the "download" button
-A .acsm file will download
-Open the .acsm file with Adobe Digital Editions
-The archival PDF will open in Adobe Digital Editions, and will remain available in your Adobe Digital Editions Library