The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is having an unprecedented effect on higher-education institutions across the globe. Many libraries have found they suddenly need to support a new level of distance learning and research – and access to electronic resources is imperative.

To support this urgent need, ProQuest has partnered with more than 110 publishers to support libraries in providing temporary unlimited access to Ebook Central holdings for all patrons – at no extra charge, through mid-June. 

This means that all licenses – including single-user and three-user models – have automatically converted to unlimited access for that period, helping librarians bridge the gap for their patrons in this rapidly changing environment. The unlimited access also applies to additional titles purchased through mid-June.

COVID Unlimited Access - Using LibCentral's Title Report to View Temporary Unlimited Access Title List

This information can be found in the Title Report.
  1. Go to LibCentral -> Reports -> Title Report
    • For members of a consortium, please note that this report does not include titles owned by your consortium, it only includes titles purchased by your organization
  2. Check the following checkboxes for Access Models:
    • Unlimited
    • DRM Free (Unlimited)
  3. Check the following checkbox for Visibility:
    • Visible
  4. Click the Export button
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Click the Select All link
    • Please note it's necessary to Select All of Title Reports fields, so that the column references match correctly with following steps, but at a minimum you will need the following data elements:
      • Select all of the Title Details
      • Under Purchase History select the following:
        • Copies
        • Access Models
  7. Click the Get Report button
  8. If the report is not emailed to you within 1 hour, check your spam folder
  9. Download the Title Report from Email
  10. Open the Title Report in Excel
  11. Add filters to all of the columns
  12. Goto and select column AI: Access Model
  13. Using the filter, uncheck the following Access Models:
    • Unlimited
    • DRM Free (Unlimited)
  14. The remaining titles will be the temporary Unlimited Access titles
    • Please note, that if you purchased an Unlimited and/or DRM Free (Unlimited) along with another license title, they will also appear here. However, you can determine these titles by looking at column AD: Copies. The temporary Unlimited Access titles are not included in the column AD: Copies total, for example:
      • Column AI: Access Model contains: 1-user,1-user,Unlimited (DRM Free)
      • Column AD: Copies contains: 2
        • If the customer had purchased the Unlimited (DRM Free) license, the number would be 3