What is IP Authentication?

IP authentication works by checking the physical IP address of the machine accessing ProQuest and validating it against a list of allowed IP's and ranges. Normally, IP Authentication is used for on-campus/in-library access and can be used in certain circumstances for home access, as well.

How can IP Authentication be used for Home Access?

IP authentication is only supported for home access when used in conjunction with a proxy server or VPN service. These services pass through all traffic for ProQuest through its own IP address, which is normally inside the allowed list of IP's or ranges on the account.

What is a Shared IP?

Some institutions share internet with multiple ProQuest account holders (ie. Main Library and Law Library or multi-campus academic institutions). In order to cover all possible internet devices, some institutions may need to add an IP range on to multiple ProQuest accounts. For your security, this can only be done internally by ProQuest Support. Please contact ProQuest Support to request an IP address be shared between 2 or more accounts.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server is a piece of software or hardware that allows all internet traffic to be passed through its internet connection so that you can appear as if you are on-campus when accessing resources from home. Examples of proxy servers are OCLC's EZproxy software, Innovative Interfaces WAM Proxy software, and reverse proxies.
Please note: Reverse proxies are very customized and generally cannot be troubleshooted directly by ProQuest Support. We recommend using EZproxy or WAM proxy in lieu of reverse proxies.

What is a VPN service?

A VPN, like a proxy server, also routes all internet traffic through its internet connection to make you appear as if you are accessing from on-campus. However, VPN services route ALL internet traffic through a secure connection to the server whereas proxy servers mainly only route browser traffic. VPN services create a private network that allows you to tunnel into the campus network and access all Internet traffic as if you were on-campus.

The following products can have their IP data updated in the ProQuest Administrator Module (under Authentication/Access > IP):

The following products require IP data updates to be submitted to ProQuest Support: