What is Shibboleth Authentication?

Shibboleth authentication, primarily used in the Academic market, is a form of Single Sign-On authentication that connects your institution to ProQuest seamlessly through your local Identity Provider (Shibboleth or OpenAthens). ProQuest Academic supports Shibboleth authentication through Federated Shibboleth authentication. This means that institutions register their Shibboleth SSO with a local Shibboleth Federation (ie. InCommon or OpenAthens in the United States, UK Federation in the UK, etc.).

ProQuest supports most major Shibboleth Federations directly or through partnership with eduGAIN, an international Shibboleth interfederation service. eduGAIN ingests information from various Shibboleth Federations around the world and ProQuest therein connects with eduGAIN for authentication.

How do I enable Shibboleth Authentication?

Shibboleth Authentication is enabled through the ProQuest Administrator Module under Authentication/Access > Shibboleth. Most customers can set up their access by searching their name and the system will ingest from their connected Federation or through partners such as eduGAIN and OpenAthens. If you have further questions on set up, please contact ProQuest Support for further assistance.

Note: Shibboleth authentication for the ProQuest products that support it mainly works as a means for logging into the search platform at this time. Patrons can still manually create personal accounts (such as My Research) in order to save research. The exception to this is for ProQuest eBook Central which supports integrating personal account usage with Shibboleth metadata.

What is WAYFless Authentication?

WAYFless authentication is a URL that is configured to be account specific and includes an identifying account ID that will bypass the Shibboleth lookup process and automatically redirect you to your Identity Provider for the Single Sign-On process.

Does ProQuest support WAYFless Authentication with Shibboleth?

Yes, ProQuest supports WAYFless authentication with some of its products/platforms. Any product under the ProQuest Academic family of products is supported through Shibboleth as a WAYFless URL.

You can enable WAYFless access by setting your Automatic Redirect in your ProQuest Administrator Module to Shibboleth (after Shibboleth is set up as authentication) under Authentication/Access > Additional Authentication Options > Manual Login Redirect.

What platforms support Shibboleth Wayfless authentication?

Wayfless authentication is a process where you are automatically authenticated through your Shibboleth Identity provider without having to manually select your account. This process is supported in full with ProQuest Academic and partially with Alexander Street and Chadwyck Healey legacy.

Alexander Street and Chadwyck Healey legacy only support Wayfless authentication with access to the platform level and not article or title level links. An alternative solution such as proxy or Referring URL would need to be used for these methods.

What platforms support Shibboleth?