Welcome to the Launch of ProQuest ETD Dashboard!  The path to the dashboard began over four years ago as a skunkworks project - formerly known as Dissertations Dashboard - to provide insights into the reach and influence of Dissertations and Theses published on the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global platform.  In 2019, we determined that with some updates, inclusion of older and international works and some new features, ETD Dashboard would be able to harness the value of usage data captured in PQDT to help School Deans and Librarians to understand and convey the value of their works that are published with ProQuest.

This is the initial release of ProQuest ETD Dashboard, and includes the following:
•    Replication of functionality available previously in the beta Dashboard, including the 6 panel main dashboard page, 5 renamed visualizations (Retrievals By Year, Top Subjects, Top Retrievals, Retrievals By Country, Retrievals By Any Institution), and a new Retrievals Benchmark comparison visualization that provides a normalized comparison of your institutions PQDT retrievals compared to a predefined or custom group of peers.
•    International Dissertations and Theses published to PQDT are no included in the data set.
•    All Dissertations & Theses published prior to 1997 are not included in data set.
•    Master's and Doctoral Titles are now included in the data set.
•    Predefined Carnegie Classification and Times Higher Ed comparison groups for the Retrievals By Any University and Retrievals Benchmark visualizations.
•    Modernized UI and new chart designs.
•    Improved performance and responsiveness through Front End, Services and Back End database modernization.