• When will PQDT Open content move to

We expect the move to happen in May.  As we near that date, we will provide more specific schedule information in this FAQ.

• Do I need to do anything?

Not at the moment. Once we move PQDT Open to, we recommend you update any internal references and browser bookmarks to PQDT Open ( to point to We will let you know when to make this change.

• Will all of the dissertations and theses available at PQDT Open remain open access at

Absolutely. All open-access dissertations and theses available through PQDT Open will remain available and open access at

• What additional benefits will merging PQDT Open with the bring to our search experience?

Without needing to authenticate (log in, or IP) to the ProQuest Platform, your users will have access to search, discover, and preview more than 700 million documents, in formats ranging from HTML, to PDF, to video, to books, and more. They can also download the full text, as available, of any open access content, including the more than 50,000 dissertations and theses available today on PQDT Open.